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Our robust planned preventative maintenance (PPM) program are designed to prevent a breakdown or failure of your equipment before it occurs. This is to ensure your building operates as smoothly as possible reducing the risk of any untimely failures. Regular maintenance also helps extend the life of your plant.

Our planned preventative maintenance programs can be designed to meet the clients needs offering tailor made solutions to any maintenance shortfalls you may have.

We firstly carry out a detailed list of all your assets on site that you want looking after and compile a maintenance schedule to ensure all statutory items are covered and completed when they should be. The regularity of your maintenance will depend on the equipment you have on site, however we work alongside the SFG20 guidelines to ensure the correct checks are made at the right time.

As part of our maintenance we offer recommendations to improve your energy consumption where possible, whether it be upgrading or overhauling your equipment. Making small adjustments in your controls to reduce energy bills and life expectancy of your equipment.

Over the life cycle of your planned preventative maintenance program should result in significant cost savings for you our client.

PPM Maintenance

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